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I've been at university since September and moved out for the first time in my life since July.

I've made several projects and been in 5 films since uni has started.

My films are here…………

I've been in other student films as well but thats another story.

Life has been a whirlwind of meeting new people everyday, doing something different everyday, working everyday, feeling and being emotional everyday, living life everyday.

Dont know when I will post art besides university work so much till then.

Just thought some peeps would like to know that still support me. I love you all very much and miss your art and cyberspace voices everyday but I dont forget you.

Maybe I'll get into the swing of blogs and posting once all my hand ins for uni are complete.

Till then hope all is well and you take care.
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Im actually here Tumblr and here Blogger

And sometimes here Facebook

A lot of the time I post things on them more than here
including work and my interests and my personal life.

Their's also always pretty pictures!

If you have Blogger or tumblr or even Facebook to as well lemme see them :eager:
or if you want you can follow/like/comment on my stuff to!

Dont want to promise i'll be posting again here soon just getting into the swing of making stuff again.

But I have been slowly planning a giveaway :hmm:

Take care
Everyone :rose:

Your works looking amazing!

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* Me not being able to afford a hair cut so been looking really lame recently
(Have to also wear glasses basically all the time now to)

*Went to a park it was awesome those critters come right up to you! BABY ROBIN!

*Nieces birthday their was cake, snacks, presents, pin the tail on the donkey! you jelly!

*We made dumplings.

*I'm moving into my new flat preeeetteee soon (6th of July) been up saying goodbye to everyone who is already here and having generally good times.

*I have no money ha ha so will have to pay rent for 2 months without being able to live in my flat cause it will be to much to buy food or flat things.

*Been looking for a job like crazy to remedy this.

*Really want to do an awesome give away to! but cause has no monies apart from rent money I don't even have money to pay postage! hahahaha!

*It may get fixed tho but cant say for now.

*Been even thinking of selling some of my things and been trying to sell art on the net since i was 14.

*I am now 23 and its never worked which makes me think my art is to shite to sell to be frank.

*Hopefully Uni will make this better and make me be able to sell work or understand how to sell and get work.

* I've been worrying about it all so much I'm barely sleeping.

* I worry about everything...

*Hows everyone else been?

* I always ask this question at the end of my blogs but I dont think anyone reads them or pays attention.

*Maybe I'll get somewhere in life.

*Despite all of this I appear to look pretty sound and happy to everyone.

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I sadly have not been able to post that much lately which kinda upsets me and annoys me at how much real life can get in the way.
I've been currently trying to sort out a flat to live in for University in a few months time.
And I've had to stay longer in the place I'll be studying cause I've had to wait around for my other future flat mates to get their butts in gear basically.

And because I've had to wait around for them to get stuff done I've not really been able to do any more art work or much blogging cause Im not at home.
But I hope to be at home by this weekend again so I can post more cause I sadly didnt expect to be up here this long.
It has been fun here and there tho but I did want to
get more stuff done before I have no free time with University and running a flat.

I hope to be able to still do blogging and posting up new work before and during Uni.
I post up story tapes on my youtube account and hav'ent been able to do it as often cause other people keep jerking me about.

(rant over)

Im starting to really like this city I hope I do enjoy Uni here and general life.
Its such a scary time to be moving out for the first time and having to take care of myself.
But the indepence has been itching for a while and I know
I'll miss my family but I'll still see them around.

I really wish I did have a studio flat tho and I could just be inspired and make art and projects all the time and be in love with the world.

I still would like to do a giveaway before uni starts I just need to get it organised.
Maybe I post other work and projects I've done for the new followers and commentors to see that I actually try to do art when I can ha ha!

How have you all been?
take care
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Mfw i found out i got an offer for university.…

But mfw I remembered how I've actually been feeling and forgot I even got in.…

Just want to be locked into a little box in the middle of a field of flowers and listen to the birds sing and the grass sway forever.

Think im to broken and keep thinking people will fix me but they dont.
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Yeahs I have but not heard back yet or from others so I'll see how things go.

If you wanna know what I've been doing here you go!…

Things have been fun and not so fun...Maybe I'll get back on DA one day.

You guys been alright? <3

Catch ye!

Take care
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The past week has been crazy but in a good way. That's me submitted all my work to the art Unis I want to go for finally.
But just when I thought I could chill for a little while and start showing you guys art Ive been working on no lol!
But awesome reason why I got an interview for the uni I want to go to at the end of the month!
I honestly thought i would not get an interview.
So I'll have to be working my butt off to make my portfolio all nice and cool for the next 2 weeks.
It shall be busy times.

I have been a busy bee but if your interested it will tell you all about that here

take care
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Yeahs things are starting to get busy again...

I have neglected my DA accounts for far to long and keep faffing around to much on blogger and tumblr :paraoid:

Been working on art again since after 5 months its kinda crazy feeling but been submitting work to get into university.

Its been keeping me busy and its probably going to still keep me busy cause then i have portfolio work to do for it in the next coming months
and then hopefully interviews.

Also our printer/scanner has pretty much broke and were getting a new one cause i do have new work im eager to post again!

So many projects and things i want to do or get started on my mind is buzzing so fast.

And its been such a strange artistic journey recently been really looking at my work and past work and its been such an eye opener.

Especially thinking about what is my art? is it art? what am i saying with it? what does the viewer think? is it good enough? is it already good enough? etc.

All these crazy questions and wonders but i do want to lock myself in a room for a while work on projects and hand in this work for uni.

And the prospects of maybe moving out for uni and being independent is exciting but dont want to jump the gun.

So I'll be kinda busy doing more artwork for a little while maybe couple of weeks tops but then really want to come back to DA.

I miss it here and everyone here who support my work and shape me and i miss looking at their work to and the art love!

But then I remember Im Deborah and life is good just now if busy and I'll have silly things in it to like this....…


This will be on repeat for the next week while i work and try not to go crazy and bleh...


Hope to see you soon guys :heart: :huggle:

Let me know how your getting on!

take care
Debz :heart:
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Oh well guess no one else wants to be a monday muse boo.

Still been so quiet and it just seems stuff pops up stops me from making art.

I had so many plans to even do new photography and get back to pieces.

Been putting all my time and energy into some awful relationshit
and sadly makes me far to emotional to even draw a line.

Been neglecting my blog for nearly a week, just want everything to go away for a while
and sleep forever.
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Hey guys this monday muse is super late but i would like to include people that didnt get to do it!
You know who you are and Im sure I mentioned to some of you lovelys.

If you guys wanna do it please copy and paste the questions and answer them.
Then put them in a comment or note to me and then I'll feature you in my journal.



Long over do this week is the one and only NONO!

:star: :iconlolita-ai: :star:

1) What's your name/username/artist persona? NONO or NONOchii, lulufaye yeahh!~~;D My real name is Jessie~~

2) How long have you been doing/interested in art? I think long time! It's fun to draw! I allways in enjoy it!
It's special to me also since my grandpa would colour with me and tell me to stay in the lines and tell me about all the different kinds of birds that were outside at the feeder!~

3) What media do you like to use or are currently using? I use tradional and as also I draw in Sai. Also love to paint! I like to use red more then any colour when I paint. xD

4) What do you like to show or convey when you make new work? I think it's all random. I like to show fun? xD
I also like to show scientist and like them making weird experiments. We are Scientist Folder. xD

5) What do you enjoy creating the most? People!!!!! When I was younger I use to draw tree's and old house- But now it's people!~ All different types of ways--Cause I draw wormy arms and necks. xD

6) What influences you such as other artists/styles/muses? I guess any thing I see I like? I am not sure--I like everything. ^.^

7) Are you working on anything just now or plan to in the future? Ah no- I just draw for fun.

8) What are your dreams and goals? I dream---I really don't know. ;A:

9) Any Advice for other artists or readers? Keep drawing!! Everyone is great!!!

10) Where can internet peeps find you or your work on the web? Here in DA!~~ ;D

Examples of work!

Thank you so much my lovely so sorry its been ages since i had to post this!

I hope to see your guys answers to the questions lets spread art love! :heart: :huggle: :excited:
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This is what happened enjoy!

Been submitting work for art Uni's online its killing me slowly ha ha!

Also my printer might be broke or about to become broken also laptop troubles are afoot!

So hopefully will be able to submit more work soon.

You guys are awesome as always and i have been neglecting DA far to much and you guys work really sorry dudes.

will catch up soon as always

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Hey dudes

I was dying of a cold the past week or so and lost my voice and will to live!
So I couldnt really draw or do much of anything but im nearly better.

Thats also my uni applications away and it seems to be going alright so far waaaaaaay!

I hope to do some more art soon and photography.

Probably gonna go out today in the sun and take pictures should be pretty cool.

How has everyone been?

talk soon
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I cant beleave all the bday wishes i got over facebook/blogger and deviantart
i was totally overwhelmed that so many ppl remembered my bday!

Thank you so much everyone it made me so happy and forget my troubles!

:tighthug: :love: :party: :huggle:

Im working on some art again surely but surely
so ill be posting stuff hopefully soon!

Waiting to hear about University reference is killing me softly ha ha!
I hope to party hard for my bday next week lets hope nothing!

Hope you all have an awesome week and your artwork so far its looking amazing!

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Heys everyone thanks for sticking around and still supporting me.

Happy new year and a belated merry christmas! :santa:

I'll be coming back to DA, blogger and Tumblr shortly.

I just have to start being creative again but ill get their at my own pace and ill put stuff up again.

Their will be some changes that will be more healthy!

Just spent hours making my blog and tumblr all shiney and new again!

here you go!… blog is gonna be a lot more fun this year and ill be posting all my adventures and art there. &… tumblr will be used just for reblogging stuff that i find beautiful and muses me!

(which i should of used it for in the first place ahem!)

If you hav'nt followed me yet or have joined these sites, you totally should their lots of fun and great for connections.
I'll totally add you if get on them just lemme know! :huggle:

I still will be kicking about on DA to post art and keep up with everyone elses art and love.

I'll get back to you all soon through the comments and look at your new deviatations!

The rest of the monday muses will be done to! Gonna do some stuff this week and celebrate my bday.

Talk soon and thanks a lot guys your to awesome!
Take care
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Just wanted to let everyone know I hope you have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year. :heart:

I hope to start posting things again on here and blogger/tumblr even tho I've not even drawn much for months.

This year was tough and strange and its been hard trying to find my way and calling in life. I dont even remember where i was or what i was doing next or how the new blogger/tumblr works.

But even tho i feel like Im getting no where with my work or in life i do know that you don't get anywhere if you give up.

So i wont give up and i hope this new year will be fruitful and maybe ill get a little sign or break through that ill get somewhere.

Thank you for your undying support and love you know who you are.
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It's exactly what it said's on the tin things are pretty tough just now on the home front.
I've been really exhausted lately emotionally and physically so much that its been even more tough to keep up with such a simple thing as blogging a few days a week.
And making new work to show has just been as difficult, sorta had a tiny break down yesterday from how stressful everything is.

As much as i love Blogging and being online with my work and sharing/talking to you all...i need some space to get my head better and figure out things in my personal life. Its a shame cause things were going so well for a few months there now its sorta spinning out of control again.

Its also something I cant do anything about cause its a person in my family that has problems and we are all helping them but they wont help them selfs and its getting to the point were its getting far to cope with. Theirs a lot of added stuff going on around it all as well that i need to sort out.

Don't worry tho cause i will continue Monday Muses with artists/friends that were entering or still interested in doing it when i feel comfortable enough to come back.

I really want to show you guys all the stuff ive been doing and working on but its just to much for me right now.

I will come back soon tho and i hope everything is well with you all and ill do my best to catch up with all your art and lives when i can.

Take care all

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Oh dear its been so long since I've did any descent art work or much to show really. Yet I do have lots of little projects I've been working on slowly.

Settling into a new job has gave everything new perspective, in a strange state of mind where I'm not exactly happy nor sad.
Its so strange not having to worry about money for the last 3/4 years and to not have excuses to be able to move forward with things I've always wanted to do. But at the same time nothings really changed, still in my tiny room with my family trying to think how to sort out my families issues and slowly trying to be creative again.

Jobs wont solve all your problems and i don't see why everyone thinks its so important to have one or why everyone puts such importance on money. From what I've learned so far money causes more problems than helps anyone, it helps your house/flat and bills but it doesn't really make anyone happy.

Even the richest people in the world it wont make them happy their to busy worrying about how to spend it all or to make them self's more powerful or doing crooked things.

And eventually the novelty of buying things with money wears off pretty quickly.

~Rambles Rambles Rambles~


I don't mind so much that my art projects have taken a back seat been concentrating more on trying to be an adult if their is a such a thing. And I want to make my family happy more than anything but its easier said than done.

Lack of human contact as well doesn't bother me much either, bitterness sometimes surfaces but i let it go gracefully. Don't really have friends and the ones I'm suspose to have contact has taken a back seat as well not because i don't want to its just life has been so busy but I'm comfortable with it being busy and not being so social.

Have noticed more and more tho the older you get as a woman and if your not single no one really has any interest in you to even really talk to you apart from your partner or if you make contact first. Theirs always weird vibes when i make my little train travel up to were i may go to Uni.

Maybe its because I'm not really open with everyone like i feel i should be, if everyone knew a lot about my personal life tho it would probably make them pretty depressed lol!
Or maybe i make people feel uncomfortable especially men...dunnos if its cause im ugly or cause im to thin and im harsh on the eyes or they think ill suddenly break in half cause skinny woman can look so fragile.

Thats actually a pretty funny mental image oh my hahah!

I really need to get back into painting and making stories it was a nice comfort zone and probably should get back into comics and photography which i shall do.

~Work Work Work~

A few months ago I worked on my first stop motion animation with my nephew I'm guessing everyone knows about the game franchise


My nephew adores this game series and mega blocks the toy company did a competition to make an animation with their toys. And then everyone was to vote and the winner would get lots of awesome stuff!
To vote tho you had to become a member of the toy site and i know everyone its far to lazy to do that so i never bothered to post it earlier for people to vote.

It was a lot of fun and i did it more for my nephew and artistic value more than anyone.


:star:… :star:

Theirs some chubby fingers and tape in there but it was all good fun! waaaaaaah!

It took two months to make that tiny film between me and my nephew it was tough work but its all good!

I've been doing some drawing and project making on the sides and currently making my Halloween costume.

Guess who I'm going as NYAH!?!

Anyone else dressing up?

god it felt good to get stuff off my chest! See you guys on fashion friday!
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Hey everyone im back with Monday muses!

If anyone else still wants to be a Monday muse please answer
the same questions as a comment or note!

Its nice to be blogging again even tho i have a cold now from my
first shift of work boo! But golden girls and tea make it better. So ill be
trying my best to get back into art and back to you all.

This week is the lovely!
:star: :iconinsaneinsightz: :star:

1) What's your name/username/artist persona? Izzy. Just Izzy. ^_^

2) How long have you been doing/interested in art? I've been taking artistic pictures since I was about nine years old. Of course, they weren't so great back then, and I've matured in my photography a lot, but it's been one of my passions or a long time.

3) What media do you like to use or are currently using? Almost always it's photography. I write and draw quite a bit, but usually for personal things. My photography is what I'm most public and confident about.

4) What do you like to show or convey when you make new work? I like to portray the beauty of simple things. Nearly everything in the world is beautiful and unique in the right situation and lighting. c:

5) What do you enjoy creating the most? Photography that will inspire someone, or make someone smile.

6) What influences you such as other artists/styles/muses? I read a lot of fiction, and this is one of my main muses, along with music and my family.

7) Are you working on anything just now or plan to in the future? I'm more of a spontaneous photographer - if I see something beautiful, I take a picture. Although recently I've been playing around with carbonated bubbly water... o

8) What are your dreams and goals? I've always wanted to be an author, ever since I was little. But as it pertains to my photography - I've wanted to branch out and become a portrait photographer. Right now, though, I don't have the resources for this, but I'm completely content with a nature hobbiest photographer. c:

9) Any Advice for other artists or readers? Don't get discouraged. I've gone through a lot of lulls - any of my +watchers can tell you this. Sometimes, life gets in the way of doing what you love doing, but don't ever really /quit/. If necessary, take a break. But never quit.

10) Where can internet peeps find you or your work on the web? Just deviantart... Hehe...

Heres some examples of her work!

Thank you my lovely for taking part its been a pleasure featuring you :hug:
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Long time no blogging!
Goodness me I have been so ridiculously busy and away sorry about that!
Dude what the hell happened to blogger it's so slow and rubbish now!

Well training in York was interesting in the past two weeks I have learned how to use a fire extinguisher, how to lead a blind person, conflict avoidance training
(this is Britain after all!)
Hygiene health and safety, how to push and work a trolley, talked and met a lot of really awesome people, gawked and gushed over cute houses and mid evil architecture, filmed a silly film in my hotel room cause I'm lame like that.

Also learned a lot about what it's like to truly be on your own with no family or friends in a cold hotel room in a place you love. It was an interesting experience as a human.

I took pictures to show you guys.

Their on my blog and stuff!…

I'm starting my new job tomorrow and I DO have art and projects to show you guys but its been so tough to  put them online. But my blogs are lonely and I'm lonely for my readers and friends online.

I'll try my best to update again next week starting again with Monday muse for you guys who were waiting!
I hope to catch up with you all soon with new art and lovely things and surprises!
I'm also going to be working on my Halloween costume as well!

I'm away to start my first shift with half an uniform ha ha!

Talk and catch up with you all soon!  :heart:
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Heys everyone!

Im away to York for till Friday then again till Mon-Wed training for my new job.

So I sadly wont be able to do any updates this week or post new work.
But i'll continue with Monday muses and such when i get back.

I plan to be a busy bee at night in my hotel doing art and taking
pictures of my adventures.

So I hope your all well and are having fun times where ever you are and ill catch up when i get back.

Take care
Debz :tea: :heart:
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